Boy, Age: 9
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: ADHD
Listed: May 2022
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Jesper’s favorite activities include kicking around a Jianzi shuttlecock, spinning a Diabolo, and watching his favorite cartoons, Pokemon and Mysterious Joker!  Jesper is a bit shy around strangers and when in new environments. but once he warms up to a person he really enjoys interacting with that individual! Those who know him share that he is a warm hearted child who likes to help others, both at school and at the children’s home.

Jesper lives in a children’s home with 12 boys of similar ages.  Math and Mandarin are his favorite school subjects. Jesper’s teacher says he is bright and cheerful with a strong ability to learn.  Jesper takes initiative and isn’t afraid to ask his teacher or caregiver questions when he doesn’t understand his schoolwork.