Jade & Jack

Sibling Group
Ages: 11, 9
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Listed: Mar 2023
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Jade was born in 2012. Jade’s favorite activities include playing dodgeball, cutting out shapes and gluing them to make colorful collages, writing and painting! Her foster mother has accumulated all of her artwork into a book as a keepsake. Jade also enjoys attending church activities, such as Sunday school and summer/winter camps. Those who know Jade describe her as easy going with the ability to easily adapt to new environments. Jade is enrolled in 5th grade, and her teacher stated she is an excellent student. Her favorite subjects being Mandarin and Science.

Jack was born in 2014. Jack lives in a foster family. He enjoys playing video games, jumping rope, playing ‘Go’ board game and singing. Jack is a little timid when meeting someone for the first time. Once he has warmed up to them, he will become lively and engaging. Jack is enrolled in 3rd grade and attends an afterschool program. His teacher described Jack as cheerful and smart. His favorite subject is Life Curriculum.

Jade & Jack have two younger brothers, who are being adopted.