Boy, Age: 3
Country Code: EE-7
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
An adoptive family has submitted an application for this boy; it is not official until later in the adoption process.
Listed: Dec 2022
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He keeps eye contact, is alert, happy, interested in everything and communicates with others. He likes to listen to music and play. He is interested in toys, objects and people. He is curious and interested in the environment. He is able to recognize people who spend most of the time with him, laughs and leans on them. He tries to avoid and is afraid of people he does not know. He crawls and sits without help, but is not able to stand in his crib and is not keeping a balance yet. He is able to pick up a cup, but cannot drink from it. He drinks from a bottle and eats soft food. He has 4 teeth, but does not know how to chew on food. He sits without help, is able to stand up holding support, but does not yet walk independently. He is starting to walk with support. He is able to pick up a cup, but can’t drink from it. He drinks from a bottle and eats soft food. His speech is not clear at this time. He is interesting in other people, initiates, reacts, and keeps eye contact. The child is alert, happy, is interested in everything and communicable child, likes to listen to music and play. Is interested in toys, objects and people. He is very loving child who would be able to live in a family.


Update 2023:

He has a very strong need for communication, is friendly, accepting, happy with all people and very attached to those who reciprocate. His mood is mostly good and he is described as cheerful and positive.  He has lived in a community foster home since 3/21. Jacob spends the day attending nursery school/kindergarten since 3/21. He has become much more independent in kindergarten and is also more active in the group although he usually plays alone. He likes to watch the children and throw toys to make a sound. In kindergarten, he responds to gestures, facial expressions and pictures. He interacts easily with new adults and children. Jacob walks independently, although he cannot coordinate his muscles at will, and keeps his balance when walking. He gets tired if he has to walk more. He is fed by a member of staff at the kindergarten, does not eat on his own, can hold a bottle, cannot yet drink from a cup but is learning to do so. Jacob reacts positively to all children and reacts almost the same way to adults. He received early rehabilitation services from March – August. The rehabilitation was comprehensive: psychological counseling and developmental assessment using DISC methodology, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, and team discussions on the child’s situation. According to the doctors, the boy is adapting quickly to his new environment, making brief eye contact, smiling, and being active. He makes sounds but does not form words, has difficulty understanding speech and no hearing impairment has been detected. Jacob’s attention span is short and he often throws things. He needs continuous motivation to continue the activities he has started. He walks independently with a wide stance but does not yet climb stairs. His language and motor development is delayed. Jacob is interested in his surroundings and toys and puts everything in his mouth.