Irio and Hamilton

Sibling Group
Ages: 14, 13
Primary Diagnosis: Older Child
Listed: Sep 2023
**** I am eligible for a $500 Older Child Grant ****
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There is a grant of 7800 euros toward foreign fees (with the agency) and this specific adoption agency will assist with applying for more.

The brothers have been in foster care for many years now and they are such great kids. They want to have a family and to be together as brothers. Next year, because the older one will become 14 in the summer, they will have to move to another town because of his school. There are no options for foster families there and they will have to go to an institution. The social worker is very hopeful this won’t need to happen and that they will be adopted instead.

IRIO – He is social and communicative. He easily makes new friends. In most cases his relationships with the children and the adults are good. According to the foster parents, he communicates well with the children and the adults. They describe him as a well-mannered child, who can assess different situations and adjust his behavior with them. He is aware that there are many social roles in society, which warrant a certain behavior. He participates adequately in the games of his peers. He can follow the instructions and the rules. He prefers games with physical activity, but he can participate in some role plays, too, and symbolic games (he gets into the role of a policeman or a criminal). He seeks the attention of the other children. He enjoys drawing, riding his bicycle, and games with a ball and other sport games. He only likes to be alone if he is using the computer. He fits in well among his peers.

HAMILTON – The boy is calm, observant, and curious about the surrounding world. He is attached to his brother, who is placed in the same foster family. Together they take care of each other, communicate, and play. He talks about his biological family calmly and talks about how they used to live. He did not like the conditions in his home then. He is attached to the foster family, their children, and their grandchild. It is hard for him to accept the pain of others and is always ready to help. When in conflict situations he defends his opinion, he is stubborn. He follows the rules at home and at school. He sometimes presents himself with stubbornness, but he does not argue and is not aggressive. He has an idea of good and bad, and for punishment and justice. He shares his experiences with the foster family and respects them. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and dancing.