Ian #

Boy, Age: 6
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
premature birth, delays in all aspects of development

Listed: Jul 2021
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Ian walks with support and can take some independent steps. He’s easily comforted with hugs and affection. He loves music and will smile and dance when he hears it. He also loves cars and trains. His expressive and receptive speech are delayed. He is not yet speaking and the difficulty with communication (his foster mother not understanding what he wants) leads to crying and “meltdowns”. He foster mother reports that he likes to do things his way and he has learned that when he’s told “no”, he can have a “meltdown” and get his way. He has recently started speech therapy to assist with his language delays, but is living in a small town that has limited resources to provide the therapies and support he needs.

Photos and videos are available through the agency.