Graham #

Boy, Age: 16
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
mild mental delay; hyperkinetic behavior disorder with attention deficit; the child suffered physical abuse and mistreatment; born to a mother with moderate mental delay
Listed: Feb 2018
Graham is treated with Convulex – 0,5 ml from 50 mg daily, Xanax ½ and Speridan when necessary

Graham takes an active part in the housework at the home. He goes shopping on his own, sets and then tidies up the table, makes his bed, knows how to work the washer, hang and then collect the clothes and tidies his room. One of the main activities that he takes part in is cooking. He is able to cut different types of vegetables in small pieces and follow the instructions of the recipe. Graham prefers games involving physical activity. He looks for interaction with his peers. He likes to ride a bicycle and play hide-and-seek. Graham has been acquainted with the process of adoption. His attitude and opinion towards a possible adoption is positive.

Donations will not be accepted until a family is found for him.