Bless #

Girl, Age: 4
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Listed: Aug 2023
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Bless was born in June 2019. She resides in a Home for Medical and Social Care.
Bless was born from a pathological pregnancy, 3rd degree premature, experienced fetal asphyxia and congenital measles infection with subsequent spasticity of the 4 limbs, oral automatisms, severe retardation in neuro-psychic development, blindness as a result of retinopathy of prematurity.

She does not respond to sound signals. She does not blink. She often suffers from respiratory diseases. Bless turns from her back to her stomach and vice versa but prefers to remain in a supine position. From a supine position, she pushes herself up with her legs and shoulders and moves into space. She obliges herself in a passive sitting position in a walker. She has control over her head. She steps on her toes, but there is no support for her legs. The child holds a toy placed by the adult in her hand, puts it in her mouth, but for a short time. Undeveloped impressive and expressive vocabulary. Increased sound sensitivity. Spontaneously utters vocals and guttural sounds. She does not pay attention to her surroundings. The child is fed by an adult. She falls asleep on her own. She is completely dependent on the adult.