Girl, Age: 5
Country Code: EE-2
Primary Diagnosis: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Strabismus, Developmental Delay
Listed: Jul 2022
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Aurora is a cheerful child who smiles a lot. She has no problems interacting with kids and adults. She enjoys her individual sessions with her therapists and is typically very involved. She learns how to dress and undress, comb her hair and wash her hands without help. She understands the language but doesn’t speak it yet. She is trying and they are working to motivate her to talk. She recognizes and repeats the sounds of several farm animals and recognizes them in the pictures. She can put together 8–10 pieces of puzzles. She recognizes the basic shapes and primary colors. She is eager to read the books; she flips pages by herself, points to the right pictures and enjoys listening to the short stories.

She seeks attention from her caregivers and can cry or withdraw if they focus on other children. She is physically active but not always participating and needs time to learn new exercises. She can’t jump, and her balance is unsteady. She isn’t afraid of water anymore, can relax and swim with support. She loves to be outside and play on the playground.