Abner #

Boy, Age: 12
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
hyperkinetic conduct disorder, congenital cardiac malformation – in a condition after surgical correction, atypical autism*
Listed: Sep 2018
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*Abner’s social worker reported that according to the specialists, supervising Abner’s condition and development, the diagnosis of atypical autism is no longer valid and it will be deleted from Abner’s formal paperwork that is to be updated in the following months

Abner likes to keep himself busy exploring! His favorite activities are the ones that include movement, such as going for a walk. He very much likes to spend time looking through books. He also likes all musical instruments and toys that play melodies and sounds. His favorite toy is a children’s laptop that plays songs. When he hears a melody he tries to dance.

There has been a progress in Abner’s speech development as he has started using a lot of words. He now forms sentences containing 3-4 words, albeit dyslexia is observed.