Girl, Age: 7
Country Code: EE-10
Primary Diagnosis: Epilepsy/ seizure disorder
Listed: Oct 2021
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Abby is a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes. Her gross motor skills are good. She is walking with little assistance. Her non-verbal communication is good. She has a ready smile and will respond to stimuli with her eyes. She is speaking words and attempts to communicate. Doctors have recommended occupational, physical, and speech therapies. Doctors have stated, “Concerning her diagnosis one suggestion is that, the child has epileptic encephalopathy (suspect syndrome Dravet).” (This description was from August 2018)

An update on Abby dated May 7, 2021, states her situation has improved drastically. She has progressed in her motor, cognitive growth and social skills. She readily socializes with her peers and caregivers and follows instructions when given. She has developed a rich vocabulary while still having some difficulty pronouncing some of the words correctly. She imitates different behaviors and LOVES to sing her favorite songs. She is attending an individual program suggested by a therapist.

Abby needs an opportunity for family. Can you imagine what she could do with a family who loves her and supports her in all of these activities? Would you welcome this little girl into your home?