A BOY for the Thurgood family — UT

Josh and Emma are beyond excited to complete their family through adoption! They have been married for 18 years and have been blessed with 3 biological children – Eli (age 14), Oliver (age 12), and Nora (age 8). Adoption has been a topic of conversation for their entire marriage and specifically adopting a child with Down syndrome. Emma started volunteering with her local special needs community when she was in high school and quickly introduced Josh to the idea when they started dating. Josh instantly found his love for those with special abilities too. They love to volunteer as a family and try to get involved with any opportunity they can!

Even though Josh and Emma had talked about the possibility of adoption for many years, it was in 2022 after seeing a news article about orphaned children that adoption became urgent. After lots of research, prayers, and a huge leap of faith – adoption is no longer a conversation, it has become a reality!

Josh and Emma both felt drawn to Taiwan and started the extensive paperwork and hours of adoption training. After a year of waiting and praying, they received the file of the sweetest little boy and the whole family fell in love! They are currently waiting for the official match and hope to be able to start preparing the dossier soon. This process has been long and difficult, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything – they know that everything is working out exactly how it should.

The extensive cost of international adoption has been felt throughout this process. Please consider helping the Thurgood family bring their son home. Your financial contribution is greatly appreciated!


The Thurgood family has met their matching grant of $2500!  

$17,299.25 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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