OKSANA for Robel Family


“Adopting that child will be the best thing you could ever do for Alaina”

Those were the words of advice from our dear friend Florence.   She should know.  She adopted her son Josh  after his birth mother placed him for adoption when he was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after birth.  Florence’s biological son, James who also has Down syndrome was only a year old at the time.   Today, Josh and James at the ages of 26 and 27 are as close as brothers can be.   They are now living on their own together.  They look out for each other and maintain a very busy social calendar, together.  After finding Reece’s Rainbow and our beautiful Kristina, we decided that we wanted to do for our Alaina what Florence did for James….to give her a sister to grow up with and a life long friend.

We watched that friendship start to bloom within 24 hours of bringing Kristina home from Ukraine.  Now after 2 months, they are the best of friends.  They love each other and do not like to be separated.   We know that together, Alaina and Kristina will let others see how much potential people with Down syndrome have and how their abilities far out weigh their disabilities.   They will educate thei.r world just as much as they will learn from it. We are blessed to have been given the opportunity to parent these 2 beautiful children.

NAUM (Xander) for the Bedford Family — AL


Xander 2015

Xander 2015


The question that we always get asked about our adoption is “Why would you choose a child with Down syndrome?” My simple answer is always this: “We prayed, God answered and we obeyed.” And our family has been blessed beyond measure through our obedience. We have a perfect little boy with a sparkle in his eye that reminds me each time I look at him that there is no price to be put on the life of a child. Our adoption journey took just 2 days shy of 8 months from the day we found Reece’s Rainbow. At times it seemed like an emotional rollercoaster, but the ride was well worth the end result: our forever child. I consider it an honor to say that I am the mother of this precious gift from God. We are looking forward to the challenges and rewards of extra chromosomes!

MASHA for the Saunders Family





Because of Reece’s Rainbow we found an adorable little girl that was in need of a forever family and we were a forever family in need of an adorable little girl! What a perfect match!

After staring at her picture for several months it still amazes us all that she is really here enhancing our lives and passing out hugs and kisses.   It took Macey about 5 days to adapt to our family, she and Carley are best friends and love each other very much!  Our lives have now been changed dramatically, and who knew that quiet little girl we met in Ukraine would turn into such a sweet, happy, energetic, intelligent, mommy?s girl!

We definitely caught the attention of the courts, caretakers and all involved knowing that we traveled over 5,000 miles for this special little girl.  We stood there adamantly stating that this was the little girl we wanted in our family, how she would be an asset to society and live a fulfilling life!  We told them she would be cherished and loved forever by our family, friends and community.  We pray that our adoption and presence in Ukraine opened some doors and minds.


KATYA for the Delrosario Family


Katya is such a joy! While we didn?t start out wanting to adopt a child with Down Syndrome it has been one of the biggest blessings of our lives.  We worked for two years to bring a child home to our family.  God knew all along which little one would be ours.  Katya has fit right into our family.   I think not knowing anything about Down Syndrome has actually been a plus for us.  We didn?t have any idea of what she was capable of so we just expect her to be a little girl.  And that is what she is.

MARIA for the Riggi Family


It’s hard to believe we have had Masha home with us for three months already.  In some ways it seems like she’s been here forever while in other ways it seems like just yesterday we were anticipating her arrival.  Luckily, Masha has transitioned into our lives very easily.  Our friends and family even think she looks like us (it must be the short haircuts).  Masha is a joyful little girl who takes pleasure in every new thing she does.


As we celebrated her fourth birthday, we quickly realized that she loves to be the center of attention-which may cause some problems as our other four year old thinks she is the queen.  Anyway, we are so grateful that we were sent a link to Reece’s Rainbow in June of 2006.  Who would have thought one e-mail would bring such a delightful dolly girl into our world?

MOUSUMI for the Myers Family


Mousumi did wonderful on the 30+ hours of airports and flights!!! She is getting along great with Natalie and Wesley and eating and sleeping well! It’s like she’s always been here! Thank you again everyone for all your support and prayers! Thank you Andrea for helping us find our little girl, We love her so much!!!

DANIIL for the Stolz Family — OH


We began our adoption journey to Joey back in 2004 when we decided we wanted to adopt one or two, up to three children, from Ukraine. Through prayer, we decided we wanted an older girl (age range 10-14) with a younger brother (age range 5-9), preferably for the younger brother to have Down syndrome. We have 5 bio children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome and autism. We felt we could handle another child with Down syndrome, since we knew what we were in for, and figured that probably not many other people were standing in line waiting for them.

We found, through another family who had adopted just a few months previously, a wonderful brother and sister pair who fit our “wish list” perfectly, except the little boy did not have Down syndrome. He had some other correctable medical problems, and in April 2004, James and Catie joined our family. Their adjustment was smooth, and we were enjoying them so much, but still felt that God could possibly be calling us to adopt another child with Down syndrome.

We heard about Daniil, saw a couple of pictures, and I was smitten. Jim was not quite as anxious as I was, since Daniil was much younger than we had originally planned, so we waited and prayed for guidance. Life goes on, but every few months I was drawn back to those pictures, then every few weeks, and soon, I was  studying them daily, and felt sure God was calling us to Daniil. Through the fall and early winter of 2006 we prayed for guidance, and that if it were not God’s will for us to have Daniil, that He provide another family for him. Through a series of events in February 2006, we came to be sure it was us, and we began our paperwork in earnest, finishing it just in time for the NAC to close down, as it was being turned into the SDA!

Updating paperwork as needed, and anxiously awaiting for the SDA to reopen, we finally got paperwork submitted in February, and got a May 2007 appointment. On June 11, 2007, Daniil became Alexander Joseph Stolz, (“Joey”) and came home with us at the end of June. He was 6 years 10 months old, and such a joy. He now has 3 brothers and 4 sisters, and a mom and dad, and lots of extended family who love him.

GINA and LOUISA for the Andrews Family — AL


Our adoption journey this time was very eventful. We arrived in Bogota, Colombia on May 27th and received our newest girls on Monday.   Their names are Lilyanna Hope and Gabriella Joy.  Our meeting was fantastic and they adjusted very well. The Lord sent us two very precious girls and we know they are meant to be a part of our family. We have now been home for 3 weeks and are still adjusting. We have been running to DR’s appointments and just spending time as a family. Our stay in Colombia lasted one month and then we returned to Alabama.  We feel it is such a honor to be the parents to children with Down Syndrome, and we just love watching them grow and develop each and every day. It is like watching a caterpillar in a cocoon and turning into this beautiful butterfly. they are all unique and have many hidden dreams just ready to share with the world. You may read about our family in the July 31st edition of Woman’s Day Magazine that will hit newsstands on July 24th.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at andrewscrew.blogspot.com

TATIANA for the Premont Family — TX


Tatiana 2015

Tatiana 2015


The adoption of our sixth child, Tatiana Alexandra Premont, was a whirlwind event in many ways. From the day I was “called” to adoption to our court date was about 40 weeks- the length of a typical pregnancy! In so many ways, that was exactly what it felt like too. I never doubted God had a plan with a child intended for us; a baby meant just for our family. Our adoption journey was not without hardships. At times it even felt like the world was against us! So we prayed for aid and wisdom. Friends and family answered our prayers in many ways: financial, emotional and spiritual. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the many individuals who made it their personal goal to rescue Tatiana. She undoubtedly has a very special purpose. In the short time she has been home she has touched many with her sweet smile and contagious laughter. She is a true joy; beautiful, loving, and intelligent. We are forever blessed.

Our family photo above, as we arrived back to the airport in Texas, sums it all up….the elation, the relief, the pride, and the overwhelming joy of knowing we had just saved this little girl’s life.  Her future was worth every penny and every aggravation we faced.   “Our cup runneth over”….


ofeliaBorn on August 8, 2006
My name means “helper”

Although we do not have a way to contact Ofelia’s family, as she was placed directly through her agency, the agency has told us that she IS home now.

ELLA for the Spicer Family — TX


It was a year ago that I picked up my little Ella for the first time in Cali, Colombia! In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year and in other ways I can’t believe we haven’t always had her!

It is amazing the difference a year has made. At first she was the most emotionally and physically unresponsive child I have ever seen…she slept and ate and not much else. Slowly, slowly, she started to respond to our love and affection for her and blossomed into a loving and affectionate daughter. At first she never cried or complained, just looked at us with those deep, dark eyes. I never thought I would be relieved to hear her cry, but I was because it meant she finally trusted us with her pain. I think she is still in the process of blossoming, but she has come so very far.

We all adore her, we always have. We are all thrilled that she is here and is a Spicer and that she will always have her family’s love to count on for the rest of her life. Ella is a blessing to us and we count ourselves blessed beyond measure to have her in our home.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at www.wherelearningflows.blogspot.com

JACOB for the Mann Family — PA

themannfamilyHONG KONG

 We had an absolutely awesome time in Hong Kong.

Our social worker was an excellent tour guide and we saw many of the sights and learned about the history of the city.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us, and that does not include the most wonderful part of the journey!!!!   Jacob took to our family immediately, he must have felt the love that we have had for him for so long.  The orphanage staff was wonderful to us and our family.  There was a very tearful goodbye when we took Jacob home.

The staff could not grieve for very long, because they had other children to care for that are still waiting for their forever families.  I do not think that I will ever have the right words to express how we all felt, all I can say is that he is the most precious gift our family has ever received.  He is funny and engaging and is already flirting with Emily and Erika’s friends.