MAX & LENA for the Darrow family–TX



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n (Ray)and Amber (Alex) have been married 7 years.  They are blessed with 3 biological kids.  Their oldest Ian is almost 6.  He is sensitive, intense and passionate about everything, and loves to take things apart and figure out how they work.  Chava is almost 4.  She loves gymnastics and taking careful care of her dolls, including regular diaper changes.  Micah is almost 2.  He loves whatever his older siblings are doing, but most of all he loves trains and helping mommy and daddy in the kitchen by stirring and tasting.  Ray works in IT at Dell, Inc.  Alex takes good care of the kids at home full time, and also is starting to homeschool Ian.


Ray and Alex were completely surprised when the pieces starting very quickly falling in to place to adopt.  Alex had shown Ray a waiting child on RR that had caught her eye, when he surprisingly responded that they could consider adopting.  After a week or two of much discussing and dreaming they formally started down the path to grow their family.  They have felt a particular affinity to HIV+ kids, and look forward to bringing Max and Lena home where proper nutrition and medical care can make a world of difference in their prognosis.