Sadie (1)

Sadie (2)Girl, born March 2010
Vision impairment, repaired cleft lip, cleft palate (unsure if repaired)

Sadie is a delightful and bubbly little girl who is 5 years old! Her photos are outdated. She came to the orphanage as a baby, and was found to have a cleft lip and palate, as well as a vision impairment. Sadie had her cleft lip repaired in 2011, but we are unsure if her palate has been repaired. Part of her file suggests it has, but there are no surgery reports for a palate repair. Sadie is a doll…the nannies all love her! She loves to play on the slide with the other kids, and ride the rocking horse. Sadie’s fine motor skills are good, however, at 3 years old she was not walking unassisted. She was crawling at that time. Sadie is a lovable and active little girl who needs a family to help her reach her full potential!

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