A BOY for the Johnson family — MI

The Johnson family is adopting from Bulgaria! Their adoption journey has been wild ride so far, as they originally set out to adopt a pre-identified child from China when they turned 30. Because China remains closed to adoption and this child is almost “aged out,” the Johnson family has decided to offer another older child a home. Though this loss is great, the Johnson’s know they have the hearts and the means to welcome home a child in need of a family, and recognize that every day counts in the wait of an orphaned child.

Erin grew up with a brother with Down syndrome, and as an integral part of their family, Matt has prompted their desire and preparedness to adopt a child with Down syndrome. As Christian believers, Erin and Lucas believe wholeheartedly that each child is created in the image of God, and if God created the life, He has great purpose for it. They are eager to step into that belief more fully as a mother and father to a child with a disability.

Currently, the Johnson family is waiting to be matched with an older male child who has Down syndrome and additional medical needs. This child will be joining siblings, Dominic and Louisa.


$3,703.39 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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