A Boy for the Harrison Family — OH

The Harrison family already has five children, but they have room in their hearts for more.  The family consists of Austin Harrison of Austin Harrison Construction, Taylor Elchert of Taylor Elchert Photography, and their five—soon to be six—children: Rosalie, Eloise, Cordelia, Ambrose and Forrest, which include TWO sets of twins.

Adoption is something the family has always wanted to do, and so they decided to begin the process of becoming foster parents last summer.

Taylor and Austin were originally in the process of becoming foster parents in the U.S. when they saw a profile of a child in a Bulgarian orphanage shared to Reece’s Rainbow’s Facebook page, and their lives were turned upside-down. They agreed after seeing the little boy, it was unconditional love at first sight. The couple then got in contact with an international agency and were matched shortly after.

The process officially began in February 2023, and they feel that they cannot get to their little boy fast enough! They are graciously inviting their wonderful friends, family, and community to come together and help them relieve some of the financial burden.

Getting him home as quickly as possible is a priority to them not only because institutionalized care simply cannot compare to the love of a family, but because he has lifelong medical needs that also need to be addressed here in the U.S.  The family acknowledges that while adoption is beautiful, there is also trauma that comes along with it.

The Harrison family greatly appreciates any amount that can be contributed towards their adoption costs. Thank you!


$756.60 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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