It is hard for us to imagine a life without our two incredible children. To us, it feels like they have always been “Hickeys” but, reality is, they both spent many years as orphans.

There are currently millions of orphans worldwide waiting to find their forever families. Children who are worthy of so much love, just like Sofija and Tadija.

While we know that any child is worth far beyond the financial expenses of an adoption, we also understand that finances can be a barrier standing between a child and a home. We hope to build up a waiting child’s account to help break down this barrier and bring them home to a loving family. Reece’s Rainbow has been an incredible resource for our family as we navigated both of our adoption processes.

In honor of Sofija’s 7th birthday and Tadija’s 6th birthday we ask you to join us in making a small, tax-deductible donation that will be donated towards a waiting child’s account. Your support is greatly appreciated!

$200.00 has been donated to this special birthday fundraiser!

A list of donors will be provided to Sofija and Tadija’s family.  If you prefer to donate anonymously, please contact Michelle (at)