Birth year: 2017
Diagnosis: Klinefelter’s syndrome; Hepatitis B; Shunt due to hydrocephalus present at birth

Dawson just turned 3 years old. His last developmental report shows that he can sit, crawl, stand without support and walk while holding someone’s hand. He moves around freely in a walker. He picks of toys and has a 2 finger grip to manipulate smaller objects. He plays with toys and seeks out specific toys that interest him. He will engage with other people and play with toys with someone. His attention span is age appropriate. His memory skills and visual motor skills are also developed. He remembers how to play games and can follow his daily routine. He seeks out appropriate activities to do when by himself and engages readily with other people in group settings. He enjoys singing songs and has memorized some of the melodies. He shows appropriate emotions. He enjoys throwing a ball back and forth with a person and pushing a toy car.

Medically, he had a shunt placed at one month old due to internal hydrocephalus. He’s routinely monitored by a neurologist and has not had any further issues or concerns since the shunt placement. Genetic testing revealed Klinefelter syndrome, which is the presence of an extra X chromosome. He was also diagnosed with Hepatitis B. He takes medication for the Hep B. He is currently in good physical health.
Updated developmental information is being obtained by the agency.

*** Dawson has received a $2,000 Grant! ***




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