Girl: 2015

Diagnosis: Congenital cardiac malformation – Aortic valve stenosis. Status after aortic valve commissurotomy. Aortic coarctation resection. Slight aortic insufficiency. Peripheral pulmonary stenosis. Moderate to severe mental disability.

Aurora’s birth family was not aware of any medical issues when she was born. When she was a month old, she got sick and an examination at the hospital found that she had a serious heart condition that required medical care. Aurora spent 60 days in the hospital receiving surgery and treatment for her heart condition. When she was released from the hospital, she was placed in the orphanage, where she still lives. Her most recent Echocardiography results showed: aortic dysplasia ibicuspidia with aortic stenosis and insufficiency. Peripheral pulmonary stenosis. Little Left – Right Shunt through the fossa ovalis(FO) and almost closed retro tricuspid ventricular defect. Detailed medical records explaining all of the surgeries, testing, and medical care regarding her heart are available for interested families.

Developmentally, Aurora is delayed. She walks, climbs stairs, and climbs up onto furniture. Her fine motor skills are developing. She plays with toys with some direction from adults and has been working on skills such as stacking blocks on top of each other. She currently still prefers interacting with toys for sensory input (shaking toys to hear the sounds they make, musical toys, toys that roll, etc). She will hold a crayon and scribble on paper. The orphanage has submitted an application for her to attend a special needs kindergarten so that she can receive therapy and instruction from a resource teacher. She does not talk, and there is a sentence in her report that mentions reduced hearing. It is unknown how well she hears and if this may have some impact on her speech and development.  

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