Kara and Christian met through mutual friends years ago, and each separately knew that the other was who they wanted to marry. Christian and Kara both work from home, so they are able to spend one on one time with their children, and devote the time needed to attend to every dance class, therapy and school function. An occasional date night sneaks in every so often too! Christian and Kara’s belief in God is a mutual one, and has been part of their marriage and family foundation their entire marriage with all life’s ups and downs. They know that it has been through Their belief in Him that they are where they are today. They have now been married 14 years and have 4 beautiful daughters, all of which are so excited to become big sisters, yet again!

After the birth of daughter number 3, who was born with Down syndrome, their families hearts became opened to a whole new world of love and learning. The thought of adoption had always been in the back of their minds, but didn’t think it would ever be possible.

This year every thing lined up perfectly, and God provided the way for the Barratt family to finally adopt. They knew for sure it was going to be another child with DS and that they were going to travel far to bring her home. They are so very excited to meet their little sweetheart and catch her up on the love and kisses she has been missing for so long. Prayers for their little one would be so appreciated, to keep her healthy and strong while they wait for that big day when she can come home!

7/14/2020 — COURT in MID-AUGUST


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