We are the Fox family from a small town in North Carolina. Craig and I have been married 20 yrs! We have 6 children; Zoe (18), Gabe (16), Eli (14), Lillyanne and Colby (11), and our sweet Kinsley (10) who has been home 1 year from China.

Our adoption journey was a complete shock to us! We had decided what our life would look like but God had other plans! We had met a local family with 2 son’s (C-bio & Z-adopted) with down syndrome when our twins entered kindergarten. Lilly quickly became C’s best friend, helper and protector. Everyday she shared school day stories with me and I relayed C’s day to his mom. Lilly and C were inseparable and our families were becoming great friends. Lilly began talking about adopting a special needs child in kindergarten and we assured her that we would definitely support her when she was much older. Well, the conversation continued for years, her friendship grew stronger, and in fall of 2016 I finally said,” Lilly, if God wants us to adopt, He will place a little girl younger than you, from China with pigtails and pink bows on our front door steps!”

Guess what? My friend who was involved with hosting from Eastern Europe text asking if I had girl clothes! She text me a picture and … a precious girl, younger than Lilly with, yes, pigtails and pink bows! I laughed and announced that God sent us our daughter!

After being home with our sweet God sent daughter, Kinsley, we decided one more precious jewel was in our future! God had placed a sweet little face on my heart that I had watched being advocated for while we were adopting Kinsley. I couldn’t believe no one had started their adoption journey for her and knew God was preparing a way for us to bring her home.

We are so excited about our new journey to bring our precious Jewel home. We look forward to our new adventures as a family of 9!


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