We are Danielle & Nick Muzzey. We love children and have 5 wonderful bio kids. We would have had more if God would have chose to continue to bless us, but that was not his plan so we accepted that our family was complete and was thankful for how blessed we truly were.

Somehow while on Facebook I stumbled across Reece’s Rainbow, and it soon become my favorite part of Facebook. I admired these families that so unselfishly gave so much to make a difference in the life of a child that others just discarded. I love to follow the stories and families and often thought wow they are such amazing people but I knew that there was no way that my family could ever pull this kind of thing together. We weren’t your typical adopting type of family. We don’t have 30k laying around, we don’t drive brand new vehicles, we don’t have a huge house, so I would sit, watch and pray from a distance. Until that day….that 1 video that caught my eye and melted my heart. Something about her, she was perfect. I prayed for that little one nightly that God would bring her a family and he did, but was soon relisted not just once or twice but a number of times. Why? Why does this child continue to be let down?

That’s it no more!! I had to do something, she was running out of time, a transfer to an adult institution is inevitable. That can not happen. Back to praying I went and the answer was soon very clear. All those other families fell through because she was meant to be our daughter. Hubby was not so sure he was more practical and thought that I may be going crazy. He had legitimate concerns. Where will the money come from? Can we handle her disability? Who will care for her when we are gone? It took about 2 months of praying that God would reach him and he did. God is Good.

We are going to follow by faith, pray and believe that God will provide. There is a princess waiting across the seas that deserves so much more then what life has handed her. She is already loved and does not even know it. She needs us as much as we need her.

Please pray that this process goes quickly and smoothly to bring our daughter home. If you feel led and are able to donate any amount will make a huge difference in our journey. Thank you and God bless.

12/10/2019 — APPT in MID-JANUARY 

$11,650.02 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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