Shannen for the Pearson family — NC

Mark and Nikki are high school sweethearts who have been married for 28 years and blessed with 7 biological children ranging in age from 4 to 22 years – Caleb, Ethan, Bethany, Zoe, Noah, Josiah and Micah and they are excited to be growing their family once again and welcoming Shannon – soon to be Joannah!

Several years ago God had placed adoption and specifically Down Syndrome on their hearts and they followed Reece’s Rainbow on Facebook. Then, one day in early September last year, while having her usual morning coffee and Facebook check in, Shannon’s picture showed up on Nikki’s Facebook feed and she just knew that she was to be their daughter. She showed the profile to Mark that evening who’s response was “Do whatever you need to do to bring her home!” With no idea what international adoption entailed she reached out to RR who put her in touch with the placing agency and so the journey to bring Joannah home began. They hadn’t even started a home study so were doing this whole process in reverse having fallen in love with a child first but God has worked and is continuing to work all the pieces together and they are excited to be on this journey together and with Him!

Family is everything to them and everyone is excited to bring Joannah home. Their hearts ache for this little girl, abandoned as a baby, without a family to call her own and they can’t wait to shower her with all the love and cuddles that she deserves and watch as the big plans that God has for her life unfold – How very blessed they feel to be a part of that!

Your prayers are very much appreciated, and your financial support would truly be a blessing as they jumped into this without thought to the financial cost of adoption – trusting that God would provide and knowing that they needed to bring their daughter home!

6/5/2019 — LOA RECEIVED

$67.90 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Shannen has received a $1,239.60 Waiting Child Grant.