WYATT for the Kingsley family — WI

From four to seven all in a year. Only God can move mountains like the Kingsleys have seen. Some would call it a miracle. The completion of their family has been a marathon and a sprint all wrapped into one.

Their endurance fueled by love will carry them to the finish line, and bringing home sweet Wyatt will be their reward.

Aaron and Gretchen recently completed the Eastern European adoption of two older teenage sisters, Maliyah (16) and Mira (15) after God led their family to the girls through an orphan hosting program. Maliyah and Mira joined Natalie (11) and Nolan (9) and made their family six.

But God wasn’t finished with them yet. Just when they thought His plan was complete, God showed them a sweet boy from the other side of the world that tugged on their heartstrings.

Growing up with a brother who had special needs and is now her angel, Gretchen knew there was something special about Wyatt when she saw his sweet face. It rang deep within her, the need to bring him home.

Gretchen had been praying for months that Aaron’s heart would open to Wyatt, but she kept her desires quiet. If it was God’s will, she knew he would do the hard work. On the evening before her birthday, Aaron saw Wyatt for the first time and insisted he should be a Kingsley. God delivered on a miracle that was previously presumed to be out of reach. But isn’t that what He does! He was paving the way for this beautiful family!

Building a longer table and not a higher fence was their motto, but were they taking on too much, they wondered. Were they capable of raising one more? Was a child with Down syndrome out of their league? After much praying, it became clear they were not equipped, but that God had indeed called them, and so with their faith, they knew He would equip them!

Weeks later, the family committed to Wyatt on his fifth birthday and have been on a sprint ever since. Filling their days researching, completing paperwork, visiting GiGi’s Playhouse, and meeting with families of children with Down syndrome has been their new normal…and they are loving it!

The Kingsley family feels so blessed to have seen Wyatt and is so grateful to Reece’s Rainbow. With the recently completed adoption of their oldest daughters, they understand they will have to get creative with their fundraising. Any support through prayers, words of encouragement, or financial contributions will never be overlooked or forgotten. The family is forever grateful for your support. Please help them bring Wyatt home!

9/10/2019 — AWAITING LOA

$14.55 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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