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Garry and Jan Chapman got married on June 11, 1988. They knew when they got married that they wanted kids. After many years with infertility struggles in 1999 they attempted their first IVF. Their dreams had finally come true, they were pregnant with their first child. A short 10 weeks later at their doctor’s appointment they learned that the pregnancy had ended and their dreams were shattered in an instant. They could not pick up a heartbeat and the pregnancy was over. Testing showed that their baby girl had Down syndrome. Although she did not make it to live life on this earth she was named Melanie Jordan.

The Chapmans made several more attempts with IVF to get pregnant but they were all unsuccessful. At this point they were convinced that God had chosen them for adoption. In 2005 they began the process for adoption to bring home a baby girl from Asia. They waited 2.5 years but it was all in God’s perfect timing and well worth the wait. On December 7, 2007 they got the call from their agency that there was a baby girl waiting for them in Asia. When they saw her face they knew she belonged to them. On January 20, 2008 they became a family of 3. It took them 20 years to finally have a child to call their own.

They told themselves that it was most likely that their little girl would grow up to be an only child but soon they realized they just did not want their little girl to grow up without siblings so they started the process again in July 2008 to bring home another child. As they moved on in the adoption process they reviewed several other files and soon they found the child that would soon become their second child. The paperwork processed really quickly for their son and he became a part of their family on June 29, 2009.  Well as you know God does have a sense of humor. The Chapmans arrived home from Asia with their second child on July 11, 2009; 2 weeks after they got home they found out they were pregnant. They gave birth to a baby boy on April 5, 2010. The Chapmans were feeling so blessed but so overwhelmed at the same time. They had 3 kids in diapers 3 years old and under. They really threw their family together in a hurry but they knew it was all in God’s perfect plan.

One day a little girl that The Chapmans had said no to and had prayed for, her file appeared out of nowhere to them in March 2013. An email was sent to The Chapmans that they were not even expecting. Garry knew what this little girl meant to Jan. He had a love for her too but thought that they didn’t need more than three children. She was so special. She was the child that had never left Jan’s heart. Jan knew that she was ready to say yes and was ready for Garry to as well. All of sudden her special need just did not matter anymore. The concerns that The Chapmans had 6 years prior were insignificant. God had all of that already worked out. The Chapmans began the process to bring home this child in May 2013.

Their adoption day for their daughter was May 5, 2014. She was 9 years old when she became a part of The Chapman Family. During their adoption trip there was some trying times. Their new daughter totally shut down and would not even eat a bite of food for an entire week. She would not let her family do anything to care for her. During their trip to Asia they visited the orphanage where she had lived her first 9 years of life; they learned that their new daughter had a best friend, a little boy 8 years old. She loved him so much and she wanted him to have a family of his own.

During her 4 years home she has turned into a social butterfly and is one of the most popular kids at her school. She is very lovable like her sister and brothers and has many friends. Also since being home she often asked about her best friend and made her parents promise her that they would locate his file and advocate for him to help him find a family. The Chapmans had contacted several agencies but because they couldn’t give them the information that they needed to inquire about him the agency could not give the family any info.

In June 2018, 4 years later The Chapmans met a family who were travelling to this orphanage and The Chapmans sent along some updated information on their daughter so they could see how well she is doing. BINGO!! The Chapmans got the information they needed to inquire about advocating for him. Advocating soon became reviewing his file. Jan was on board but had not brought Garry there yet because she was afraid that he would say no. When Jan told Garry that this had been laid on her heart he quickly said OK. Garry had the same feelings Jan had. He knew that God had not led us wrong thus far and He was not going to now. The beautiful part is he is 12 years old and has Down syndrome – the same condition of their first child Melanie Jordan, who they lost through a miscarriage. Why would they say no to a child with Down syndrome? If they had been given the privilege to give birth to their first child they would have handled it so they know they can handle this. This story is God’s perfect plan for them.

Their son who is waiting on them in Asia is 12 years old at this present moment; he will turn 13 years old in January 2019. They just cannot say no because he only has one year left to find a family and that family is theirs. Their daughter’s best friend will soon become her brother.  Please pray for The Chapmans and support them through fundraising. If you are not able to donate we understand but please send positive thoughts their way as they walk on their new journey toward bringing home their new child. The Chapmans have finally learned to never say never. It is left up to God when their family will be complete. The beautiful ending to this story is that our new son will be named Jordan.


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