RUTH for the Durand family — GA

Chris and I met at college and married in 1993. We have 3 boys (Josh 22, Stephen 21, and Tyler 15). We thought our family was complete with two in college and one in high school. In November 2017 we began praying for some kids needing to be adopted. As we were praying for these children, we became curious about the term “aging out”. We became concerned about what happens to these children with disabilities if they did not get adopted by age 14.  After finding out that these kids with disabilities could not be adopted after age 14 our hearts saddened. We continued praying for these kids to get adopted but know the chances grow slimmer as they get older. God would just not let it rest with us. We felt we were to adopt a child close to aging out. With our ages of 52 and 56 and us having older children … it just seemed God was leading us to adopt a child who was aging out.

We decided to take steps toward adoption. We felt that if God did not want this for our family He would shut the door. So far, the door has not closed and we are excited about adopting a 12 year old little girl from Asia with Down syndrome.


$228.70 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Ruth has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.