GARRETT for the Dinn family — GA

When Clayton and Angie Dinn started dating and began talking about marriage adoption became part of those conversations. They hoped that God would allow them to add to their family one day through adoption. In 2000 they had their first child and then quickly after that added 2 more children through birth. In 2006, they felt that God was continuing to stir in their hearts a desire to adopt specifically from Asia. In 2008 they added their first child through adoption. This precious son had more special needs than what they had anticipated as well as institutionalized behaviors so they delved into doctor appointments, surgeries, and therapies. Between Angie’s degree in special education and now a child with special needs and emotional needs they knew God was doing something unique in their lives. One of their greatest joys is seeing this child meet milestones and conquer fears. In 2010 and 2012 they went on to add another son and daughter from Asia. It has been incredible to see how having siblings with special needs has impacted all of the children in the family. Their oldest is working toward being a nurse. Her sister would like to be a speech therapist. All of the kids have such tender hearts toward people with special needs. Their daughter from Asia has an intellectual disability and it has been exciting to watch her gain more independence with the support of her family and community services. It is because of this daughter that the Dinn family felt like God could be leading them to adopt a child that has Down syndrome a few years ago. During this time, they also met several families that have been blessed with children that have a diagnosis of Down syndrome, both biological children and adopted. They realized God was leading them to adopt again and that He had led them specifically to “Garrett”. Everyone in the Dinn family is excited about seeing him grow into an amazing young man and are looking forward to seeing him join their family! Thank you for partnering with them in adoption!

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