SEAN for the Langer family — WI

Mike and Cassie (Pronounced KC) were married in 1998 with the idea of a large family. 7 to be exact! But after having 7, Cassie knew she wanted more. The good Lord was willing, as they found themselves prego again!  It was another boy! A very special boy. Their little Mikey has Down Syndrome. He soon became the favorite in everyone’s heart. Not only the family, but the community and friends as well.

Everyone loves Mikey! He was perfectly healthy and conquered milestones quickly (except for talking. Oh well!) Mikey planted a seed. The family wanted more. They knew they wanted to have another Down Syndrome child in their family. But you can’t just order that, so they started checking into adoption. That’s when they found Sean. That was December 2016.  Sean is in an orphanage, where he has spent his whole life. Alone and waiting. He is 5 years old now and has Down Syndrome. He is tiny, malnouirished and sedated. He needs a forever home.  Everyone was very excited, but there were so many unknowns. Mike could make no rational sense of going so far to get a child they knew so little about. And the cost was WAY out of their budget. So they waited. They printed off all the pictures and have them all over our house and in frames on the wall. They prayed for him and prayed for a way that the adoption could actually happen.

One magical evening in December 2017, Mike and Cassie again had the discussion of adopting Sean. They talked about the serious threat that he may soon be transferred from the baby house to the institutions. This time Mike said “YES!”. They knew they were taking a huge leap of faith, but their Faith was strong. They know they have to get him out and they know God will help them save their little boy who sits waiting in an orphanage for someone to have and to hold him.

They are now in process of finalizing their home study and getting papers in order. Hopefully they will have their boy soon. Your prayers and support are what the family needs most right now. But the biggest, most necessary prayer is that Sean will not be transferred out of the baby house until the family can get to him, and save from this horrible place where he waits.

The Langers would like to thank you in advance for your financial support as well as your support in prayers and passing the word. THANK YOU!  Sincerely, Mike, Cassandra, Colton, Walker, Waylon, Haydon, Adeline, Porter, Weston, and Mikey

10/23/2018 — APPT on OCT 31

$1,553.50 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Sean has received a $1544 Waiting Child Grant.