ELIAS and MATTHIAS for the Anderson family — MO

Dane and Misty met in high school and married shortly after. They always planned a big family, but had no idea that Gods idea of big was much bigger they ever imagined. In 2013 in the midst of raising their 9 biological children, Dane and Misty felt God calling them to adopt a child with special needs. They researched and prayed and researched some more. Each step they took they expected the doors to close, but instead they opened. December of 2013 saw two wee daughters added to the family! Catyah and Sofiah both have Down Syndrome, they fit right into the group and everyone fell in love with them! Shortly after coming home Misty saw a picture of a sweet 5 year old that was being transferred to an institution. She knew almost immediately that she was their daughter and they needed to get her home! Again after much prayer and discussion they jumped in with both feet and headed over the ocean! While meeting Vika, the tiny 5 years old, they got to meet and play with many other children in the institution. Misty and her oldest son spent many hours playing games and drawing with them. One young girl stuck out among them, her sweet demeanor and kind, motherly attitude pricked their hearts. When they flew home with Vika in early 2015, they felt they left a daughter behind. Upon returning home, life got pretty busy with 12 children all headed in different directions. Vikas diagnoses was cerebral palsy, but after many tests and appointments it was determined that she had suffered polio as a baby. She needed several surgeries but is always positive and doesn’t let anything get her down. In early 2016 Misty was feeling the tug to adopt again. Dane wasn’t so sure and they decided to just pray about it for a while. It wasn’t but a few months later that they found out the sweet little girl they had met in 2015 was suffering form kidney disease and wasn’t expected to live much longer. They felt they had their answer and once again stepped forward and the doors just kept opening, funding came and they were able to fly over and see Yannah. She was in rough shape as untreated kidney and bladder infections had cause irreversible kidney disease. They were able to bring her home in in the fall of 2016, and she was admitted to the hospital upon landing! Yannah is undergoing treatment for her kidney issues and is doing amazingly well.

And now it’s 2018 and the Andersons feel God calling them again. This time the children asked for a brother, and a baby would be great too, they said. They know the right child is out there waiting for them. They need a van, and heck the kitchen could use to be remodeled, but you know what? They believe giving a child a home is much more important than any of those things. So they are embarking on the long adoption journey again. There’s reams of paperwork and tons of appointments. There’s fundraisers to plan and bedrooms to get ready. It will be a busy time for the Andersons, well, it’s always busy at the their house! But it will be a joyful time of busyness. Like most families they don’t have $30,000 just sitting in a bank account waiting to be used on an adoption. But they know from lots of previous experience that HE will always provide. If you would like to be a part of helping this great big joyful family adopt again, you can donate below! Thank you!


$3,653.94 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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