SOPHIA for the Breakfield family — VA

After adopting two boys with Down Syndrome thru Reece’s Rainbow from Ukraine in 2013, our eyes were opened to the beauty of children with intellectual disabilities. We have the love, space, and heart for another extra special child but we are asking for your help in raising the money to bring her home!

We are currently a family of 9. Joey and Victoria were married in 2004 and our first son, Isaiah, was born in 2006. Followed by Hannah (2008), Meah (2010) and Jedidiah (2011). We thought our family was complete. But God! Early in 2013, we felt the pull to adoption, specifically international special needs adoption. We knew we could have biological children so we felt called to adopt an orphan, one that someone else might overlook. Children with Down Syndrome pulled at our hearts. We had lots of research and learning to do as this was all new to us. We came home with our new additions in December of 2013 and we have continued to learn. Jeremiah (age 9) and Nehemiah (age 5) are treasured sons, incredible blessings, and beautiful examples of the power of adoption. They were left in orphanages at birth just like the child we are seeking to adopt now. We don’t want anymore time to pass for this child without the love of a family, support of parents and siblings, security of a warm home, full belly, and knowledge that she will never be left alone again. We would love for you to come along side us as we race to bring her HOME.

11/13/2018 — TRAVELING NOV

$3,945.61 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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