CYRIL and RUSTY for the Ampe family — MI

Joe and Tiffany Ampe already know the joys (and challenges!) that children bring to a household. With eight children (ages two to 18), they have been blessed with an exceptionally jubilant and noisy home. For the past five years they have actively discussed adoption (even becoming a licensed foster home) and adding to their family. The couple has periodically perused Reece’s Rainbow and prayed for the waiting children and families actively working towards bringing them home. On one such evening Tiffany saw a picture of a sweet baby boy with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome seemed a natural fit, as they have a seven-year-old niece with an extra chromosome. When Tiffany shared the brief bio of “Cyril” with Joe, he retorted, “you don’t show me the picture of a baby needing a home and then close the laptop”. The same evening, they requested more information on the country he is in, requirements, costs and information on additional diagnoses.


The couple was excited to quickly receive a response with additional material. But they already had a list of which countries they were open to adopting from (all with solid reasons why: someone just might be Type A!), and “Cyril’s” country wasn’t on it. Joe wasn’t dissuaded but Tiffany felt disappointed and certain that they needed to keep looking for a child that “fit” the list. But that all changed within days as Tiffany reflected on a Podcast that examined how quickly the disciples followed Jesus. The priest exclaimed that, “delayed obedience is disobedience”. WOW! The same day Tiffany and Joe committed to “Cyril”.

The entire Ampe family, grandparents, friends and church are excited for this newest addition to come home. The adoption process has been significantly more trying than pregnancy and they remain deeply appreciative of the financial, emotional and spiritual help of all those that support them.


The Ampe family has a $2500 matching grant!  When their FSP reaches $10,730, they will receive an additional $2500.

$10,733.93 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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