CLARA for the Tomasetti family — PA

Adam and Emily met in college at Northern Arizona University. They started dating in March and were engaged by August. They got married and moved to Texas after that, where Adam graduated with his doctorate in chiropractic from Parker College of chiropractic. Much to their surprise and excitement they found out Emily was expecting right before they celebrated their first anniversary, Anna was born in March 2002 and Aryn Joy was born in March 2004. The foursome moved to Pennsylvania in May 2000 to start Adam’s chiropractic practice. Over the next five years they added three more children to their family. Alice in July 2006, Owen in February 2008 and Ethan in September 2009. The last three Tomasetti kiddos were very high-risk pregnancies, they decided not to add any more children to their family. For most of their married life they had talked and prayed about adopting. Having five biological kiddos in 7 1/2 years made the idea of adding anybody else to our crew feel overwhelming. Over the years, Emily has often looked through advocacy sites for adoption, praying and seeking the Lord, to see if any of those lovely faces belonged in their family.

On Sunday, March 4, during Elevation Church their prayers and conversations came together into an answer. Right before the service began Emily was prayerfully looking through Reece’s Rainbow’s waiting children page. During the worship set the band played “Break every chain”by Will Reagan. As the music played and they sang along, Adam prayed for Jesus to break the chains of the orphan. At that moment Emily saw the picture of Clara in her mind’s eye and started weeping. After church, Adam, Emily and the kids talked about why she was crying and before they were finished Aryn Joy ran over to the table to sketch the picture that she saw in her mind as they talked about Clara. It was just the confirmation they needed. Aryn had never seen her picture before. They are hoping to bring Clara home in the spring of 2019. It will be a Herculean effort to raise all the funds that are needed, but They know that God who has always been faithful, will continue to be. This is the sketch that Aryn Joy drew, above Clara’s picture from Reece’s Rainbow.

1/30/2019 — HOPING to TRAVEL in MARCH

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