ADDISON and ADELAIDE for the Kimrey family — VA

Laurie and Travis met in High school. They became engaged quickly after they met. They will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary this year. Adoption has always been something they both talked about. That is why at the age of 21 and 22 they built their dream home extra large to accommodate all the children they prayed they would be blessed with. The Kimrey family adoption journey began when they became foster parents after having had their five children. Very quickly they received a call for micro preemie twins, one with extreme special needs and would they be willing to accept the placements? Well they said yes and their journey began. Haylee and Baylee became officially Kimreys in December 2014. Bio Mom and Dad had micro preemie twins again 11 months later. They also joined their family shortly after their birth. They became officially Kimerys in June 2015. Twins times two has been quite the wild ride. But they are darling precious children. Well in Nov 2015 while they were browsing Reeces Rainbow and saw picture come up of a little boy in Bulgaria he suffered the same condition as our first twin Haylee, Hydrocephalus. Only his case was untreated. He had been left in a box locked away for six years, his head had grown so large he could not even hold it up. Yet, in all the orpanage reports it spoke of his wonderful, loving demeanor. It was at that moment that God spoke to Laurie’s heart and said, “There in that broken body, trapped there was a little boy” They knew he would be their son. Nathaniel came home and join their family in December 2015. Laurie and Travis did find out once in Amercia that he suffers from Dandy Walker Syndrome and he is actually missing parts of his brain. So he is like a baby but the sweetest little guy. He has changed their lives and how they see every minute of everyday. To know him is to be changed forever. Now here they find theirselves again, God has called the Kimreys back they feel to two more precious little souls. Both medically fragile and in need of urgent placement. The orphanages they are placed in are neglectful of the children and they need rescuing as soon as possible. The fees are upwards of 30,000. While that is quite a large sum it pales in comparison to the lives that will be saved. Your donations will equip this family with the funds they will need to get these kids out of there forever and into a loving home where they will be orphans no more.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story.


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