LOMAN for the Harvey family — SC

The Harveys are a family of six from SC. Angie is a teacher assistant in the local elementary school in a kindergarten class. Chris is a captain in the local fire department that he has been a part of for 21 years. They have four children ages 13, 10, 5, and 4. They adopted their youngest two from Asia in 2014 and 2015.

Angie was adopted domestically into a wonderful family when she was two days old. Adoption has always been a huge part of her life. She knew as a small child that she would one day adopt. Soon after her parents passed away from cancer, she felt the calling stronger than ever. They quickly started the paperwork process to be matched with a child from Asia. It took two years from start to finish for the adoption. From the moment they laid eyes on their daughter, their lives were forever changed. Their hearts beat for the orphan and they wanted to be involved in orphan care some way or another. After being home for eight months with their newly adopted daughter, they saw the face of their youngest son in an email. They were not looking to adopt again but felt after learning more about this child that it was not a coincidence that they came across his picture. They immediately started the process to adopt him and brought him home 16 months after their first adoption. They spent the next year bonding as a new family of six.

Chris and Angie felt like their family was complete at this point. They looked into ways to be involved in orphan care. Angie followed another family on social media that was hosting a child from Asia for one month in their home. She and Chris got information on hosting and decided it was something they wanted to pursue. The only thing that was holding them back was the cost. They had used all the extra funds they had to adopt their two children from Asia. They worked hard to make things to sell in fundraisers to provide the funds to host. They went into hosting wanting to host a girl with Down syndrome. Once Angie saw the listing of the children that were available, she fell in love with a four year old BOY with Down syndrome. He came to their home in December 2016 and stayed for one month. Their intent on hosting was to advocate for him fiercely and find a family for him. They found a local family and couldn’t have been more excited. Shortly after the family applied to adopt him, his country did not allow them to move forward with the process. This left Chris and Angie devastated. They had fallen in love with this child and could not imagine him being without a family. After many tears, and seven months of prayer, Chris and Angie decided to make him their son. They started the process with no funds to do so. God has provided a way for the funds to be available every step of the way. They are getting closer to travel and larger sums will be due quickly. They are trusting that the Lord will see them through this and their son will come home and travel will not be held up due to lack of funds.

Chris and Angie are grateful for the support they have received this far and appreciate any donations that they receive. They are determined once this adoption is complete, that they will pay it forward to other adoptive families for years to come.

5/24/2018 — TRAVELING NOW

The Harvey family has a $2500 Matching Grant!  When their grant reaches $5645, they’ll receive an additional $2500!

$3,150.38 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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