3 Siblings for the Adamson Family

John and Traci Adamson are the parents of 9 children, 3 of whom were adopted through Reece’s Rainbow between 2009 and 2010. They learned about “Slava,” a young boy with Down Syndrome, in 2008, and that discovery of their son (now named Sean) would forever change their lives. Originally intending to adopt “Lacy” (also with Down Syndrome) at the same time and from the same orphanage, they were to discover that she was not available while in country to adopt Sean. Not to be deterred, the Adamson kids set their sights on getting her, too, and shortly after Sean got home, the fundraising and paperwork began again. The next year, they returned to the country to adopt “Lacy” (now Lily), and also brought home Joshua (formerly Taras, suffering a deletion of part of his 14th chromosome)!

These children changed their lives forever, as they saw them thrive with the love of a family and knowing what would have happened to them if they had gone to an institution. God gave them greater understanding of the value of every life and had special hearts for orphans with disabilities who are unvalued by much of the world but are precious in His sight.

After 8 years of advocating for other orphans and families, the Adamsons unexpectedly began another adoption journey. Their daughter Naomi (who shared often with her parents about waiting children) told them of an older orphan sibling pair who urgently needed a host family, because their original hosts had fallen through. The Adamsons’ hearts went out to them, and they prayerfully as a family decided that they could welcome a 14-year-old boy (V) and his 10-year-old sister (V) into their home for Christmas time. They were excited to share the love of Christ with them and it was the best Christmas ever.

These kids fit right into their family and thrived in their busy home full of love. Their family prayerfully and unanimously decided that God would have them bring V and V home forever, along with their little sister (L) whom these kids have never seen and likely has greater special needs due to in-utero stress (they have developmental delays & challenges from life in an orphanage).

The Adamsons can not wait for the older 2 to come to visit them again in the summer with the hosting program and are praying that soon after that they will be able to travel and begin the process of giving all 3 the gift of a forever family who loves them greatly.

11/25/2018 — COURT PASSED for 2 SIBLINGS
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