Augustine for the Creyer family — PA

Meet the Creyers! Casey and Michael met online in December of 2013. They were shocked to find out that they only lived a mile from each other in their small town. Michael was Casey’s restoration in faith, as she had just gotten out of an emotionally abusive relationship. They were married in front of their friends and family in April of 2016, and closed on their first home a month later.

They struggled to conceive for a year, after Casey’s diagnosis of PCOS. Adoption was always part of the plan, because Casey’s brother was adopted, and she wanted to adopt too. She discussed her plans with Michael, and because of her relationship with her brother, he was on board too. The plan was to continue to try to conceive, but begin to look at local agencies and try to get some paperwork out of the way. They went to a local agency for an information seminar, where the presenter was advocating for this little guy in Albania. Once the presentation was over, they asked to see the little guy she was advocating for. It was love at first sight. Both Casey and Michael fell in love with this little boy with Down syndrome, and knew that he was supposed to be their son. They then jumped right into the adoption process. They had no plans on adopting a child with special needs, but after seeing him it didn’t matter. He was their boy. Michael was a little hesitant and nervous, but knew they could do it. Casey was a special education teacher and had a lot of tricks up her sleeves.

While they were trying to get their home study finished, they were told there was another family interested in Augustine. They were crushed. Luckily, the agency was letting both families write a letter of intent to express their interest, and plead their case. It was the longest 2 weeks ever, but they eventually got the call that they had been chosen! Casey cried happy tears, and Michael wore the biggest smile. Now, they are working on immigration and getting their dossier together to go and bring their son home!

10/29/2018 — COURT PASSED

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