SIMSON and SLAVIC for the Oden family — OK

The Oden family was changed when they found Reece’s Rainbow a few years ago. They already had one adopted child (so they knew the joys and trials of adoption), and one child with a disability (so they knew the joys and trials of raising a child with a disability). When they learned that children with disabilities are institutionalized all over the world, they knew they had to act. God’s call on them was clear – they needed to adopt a child with a disability who was currently institutionalized. One day, while researching adoption, the Odens saw a precious face on Reece’s Rainbow, and knew that call wasn’t “some day”, but “now”. That precious face became their beloved daughter in January 2016.

After seeing an orphanage and the effects of institutionalization first hand, the Odens returned home with an even bigger passion for waiting children. They have often felt like they were impatiently biding their time until God said “go” again. They are excited to be adopting again, and also that this time, God said “TWO.” The Oden family currently has six children, and are excited to bring home two more. However, adoption is costly, and this is their third adoption in 6 years, so they cannot do it without help! All donations toward bringing these children home is greatly appreciated.

8/2/2018 — AWAITING COURT on AUG 20

$7,017.47 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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