CAMPBELL for the Croasdaile Family —

Sara is a single mother of two teenaged children with special needs.  She is also a Special Education Teacher and is passionate about her roles as a mother and educator.

Sara’s Aunt Vicki was born with Down Syndrome, but unfortunately passed due to complications from heart surgery before Sara was born.  Sara’s Grandparents, upon the birth of Vicki, were pressured by doctors to institutionalize her.  Of course, Sara’s Grandparents did not listen to their doctors and brought Vicki home to love and grow.  Since learning about Vicki as a child, Sara started dreaming that one day she would save a child from the future that Vicki might have had if her Grandparents had listened to the doctors.

Sara and her children officially started their journey during National Adoption Month 2017.  After looking into the files of waiting children, they found their Campbell Reilly (who was briefly listed on RR as Kai) and cannot wait to bring him HOME!


$6,865.90 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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