FYNN for the Newby family — NC

Hi, we are the Newby family and we reside in the great state of North Carolina.  This year our family gratefully completed our first adoption of “Deacon and Pauline,” now known as Nicholas and Elizabeth.

We are growing our family one more time and sought to adopt a child who needed the love and support of a family experienced with children with Down syndrome. Currently, we have Zachary, who is 20 years old and attending college. Next is our little miracle boy, Nathan, who arrived after 17 years of infertility and brought his fantastic extra 21st chromosome. then we added Nicholas and Elizabeth, both whom have Down syndrome, through international adoption.  We have seen the affects on children who live in an orphanage and we know all children belong in families not in an orphanage.

Since we are already homestudy approved our process will likely move much faster and we need could greatly use any help to bring home one more beautiful child who is waiting for their own forever family.

We look forward to sharing our journey and can follow along on our private adoption page “Along Came Another Newby”. Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers through this roller coaster ride called adoption.


$1,518.99 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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