A CHILD for the Newby family — NC

We are the Newby family from North Carolina. Our journey into adoption began with the birth of our son, Nathan, who was our surprise blessing after 17 years of infertility. Our Nathan was born with Down syndrome in 2015. He brought us into a world of acceptance and love like we had never known. We knew we wanted to grow our family again, but another pregnancy was not an option.

We began looking at the profiles children who were available for adoption and checking into programs that our family could qualify for. It seemed like an impossible dream, but when you hear God calling you to go, you simply go! It is a roller coaster of emotions. The paperwork, the home checks, medical reports, your whole life is examined.

Our family spent eight months fundraising and writing for grants. And finally in October of 2017 travel dates had arrived and I was off to meet our future children.  Nicholas and Elizabeth were adopted in November of 2017.

The one thing you can never prepare for is seeing all the children who desperately want a family. You know that some of those children will never have a life outside the orphanage walls. You feel like you are doing so little. Those faces are forever ingrained in your memory. My family will continue to support adoption after ours is completed.

Our family knew we would return again for one more little Newby and we started the process immediately after returning home.  We expected things to go much smoother, but unfortunately that was not the case.

It has been another roller coaster of changes that included age range approvals in our homestudy and a new agency to oversee our adoption.  After many delays we have finally completed our dossier and hope to be traveling soon.

We have been told the child we had our hearts set on may not be available and this time we may be go on a blind referral for our next little Newby. Many prayers are needed and appreciated. We are working on a short time frame and could use your help in giving another precious child a home.

As travel time is drawing near we have reflected back on the birth of our little boy who wasn’t suppose to be possibility, yet he is here ! And he has led our family down the path of adoption for the most vulnerable of children. The miracle of adopting not one, not two, but three children is the greatest legacy we can possibly leave. It is truly God working and seeing His hand working in our adoption process. We will continue to walk in faith to complete this final adoption.

We welcome you to join our journey in bringing home our last little Newby


$7,599.77 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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