MICAH for the Edwards family — TX

The email with his file came and there he was, this little guy with a repaired cleft lip scar and those beautiful Asian eyes and I thought he looked like an Edwards.  Even at that, I had my list of why we couldn’t adopt and I gave that list to God.  Well, God had His own plans (of course) and here we are.
This is our second adoption process.  I can hardly believe that I’m typing that!  He’s in the same orphanage that our “Crystal” once lived in and was born just 3 weeks after we left Taiwan with her.  We spent 3 days in that orphanage with the kids in her group, but leaving with her on that final day was so bittersweet.  We were so thrilled to finally have our Gotcha Day, but so sad that there were still little faces in that room behind her.  I never actually imagined that we’d be going back to bring another one home, but I’m in awe that God is calling us back to amazing and beautiful.  Given, it isn’t always beautiful because adoption is hard, but it’s one of the best beauty from ashes stories I’ve ever been allowed to be part of.

5/18/2018 — COURT TRIP in JUNE
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