DERRICK for the Schlittenhart Family — AR

In the fall of 2014 Tasha saw Derrick’s photo for the first time, and instantly fell in love. She felt in her heart that he was their son. At the time, adoption wasn’t an option due to the traveling component of Jeff’s job, but Tasha began praying.

A year later the Schlittenharts began the process to bring their daughter home from China, but Tasha never stopped loving and praying for Derrick to find a family, either theirs or someone else’s.  After Norah came home, they discovered she had a life threatening heart defect and secondary lung condition, and they spent the last year and a half getting her through open heart surgery and other life saving procedures. Thankfully, Norah is now healthy and doing well, and the Schlittenharts feel the time has finally come to bring Derrick home after 3 long years of loving and praying for him!


$1,213.10 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Derrick has received a $177.30 Waiting Child Grant.