HOWIE for the Stoneman family — UT

Chandler and Dani have three biological children and a desire to grow their family. Little by little their hearts have been led to international special needs adoption. While following a co-worker’s Reece’s Rainbow adoption, Dani could not stop looking through the faces on Reece’s Rainbow, wondering if one would stand out as their child. Specifically, they were looking for a little girl with Down Syndrome. They asked about a few little girls, but none of them were meant to be part of the Stoneman family. They decided to wait until they knew which direction to go. Surely, they would know their child when they saw him/her. However, they felt a sense of urgency to keep pushing forward. They decided to work with an agency to prepare their home study so they would be a few steps ahead when they found their child on Reece’s Rainbow. Before their home study was complete, they found a little boy with Down Syndrome. They had passed over little boys before, thinking they were in search for a little girl, but Howie stole their hearts. While his circumstances and conditions may not be ideal to most, he is 100% perfect in their eyes. Isn’t that how every parent sees their child?

Things have moved quicker than expected. They have witnessed many miracles to get their family and Howie to where they are now. They have been blessed with support from angels both seen and unseen.

Fundraising has been an exciting family affair. Their 6 and 4 year olds started a neighborhood business of collecting cans to “save money for adoption.” And their 3 year old says every day, “Mom, we should go get my brother.” Soon, but not soon enough, the Stoneman’s hope to travel Spring 2018.


$3,142.04 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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