TANNER for the MacDonald family — MN

Laurie was raised in a large family, in a small town near the shores of Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota. There were eight children in the family including Laurie and her identical twin sister. With many cousins growing up in nearby towns, crowds were always expected during holidays or weekend getaways at the family cabin. Eventually, children grew up and moved away to school or jobs as far away as Alaska and Indonesia. Nieces and nephews joined the family and Laurie settled in central Minnesota. While working at a group home there she became licensed to do foster care and soon a four year old boy moved into her home. Three years later Laurie adopted him. When her son was eight years old the little family moved to Minneapolis and Laurie attended school, graduated and moved back to the northeastern part of the state. She began working as a Educational Sign Language Interpreter in the public school system and has been doing that for the past 28 years.

While browsing on line one day, Laurie came upon Reece’s Rainbow and was immediately drawn in, looking at children’s photos and reading family adoption stories. Children with a variety of needs were of special interest ever since high school when Laurie developed a friendship with student who had Down syndrome. Laurie was also involved in the Special Olympics, both while working at group homes and while raising her own son. The picture of one child on the Reece’s Rainbow site caused Laurie to return to the site again and again. She began advocating for that child, posting information about Reece’s Rainbow on social media and donating to families. That did not seem as though it were enough and after eight years that child who had caused her to return to the site so many times, was aging out. This meant he would lead a life without a great deal of learning and opportunity. Sooooo … Laurie is stepping into the world of adoption once again after 30 years! Let’s see where this journey takes her!

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