NITA for the Horst family — NY

The Horst family is so excited to be adopting again!  They have prayed many years for this time and God has moved their hearts that now is the time. Harlan and April have 5 children; two which they adopted from foster care and three biological children.  They love spending time together as a family working on their farm and caring for the animals.  They also have a garden and grow a lot of their own food.  They enjoy fishing, going to the zoo, and visiting friends.  One thing they enjoy most about adoption is watching the change in a child when they have a loving family.

They would love your prayers and support as they work to raise the money needed to bring their new daughter home to her forever family.

9/6/2017 — COURT in OCT/NOV

$2,729.40 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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