DIMA for the Wallace family — ID

Matt and Andrea live in North Idaho and have 8 biological children. For many years they knew they wanted to expand their family by adoption. They’ve always felt very strongly about helping children, especially those with special needs, and those that have suffered neglect and abuse. They firmly believe that every child deserves a home and family for them to reach their fullest potential. They’ve fostered in the past and have experience with special needs in their family. They weren’t sure how, or where they would adopt from, but waited for the opportunity to begin the process. Then, one day, a friend shared a video of an older boy with Cerebral Palsy living in an institution in a foreign country. Through a series of events they were able to find out more about him and get in contact with the agency that made his video. He’s been waiting in an institution for a long time and is getting close to the age where he won’t be able to be adopted. He is also unable to walk, but he is determined that he will in the future and he works really hard at taking steps and gaining strength. With the proper care and therapies available, he could have his dream of walking fulfilled. He also dreams of being able to drive a car someday! Matt, Andrea and their children hope to be able to welcome Dima into their family quickly before he ages out and becomes ineligible for adoption. Please help them bring Dima home!


$5,870.69 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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