Remembering Mia’s Gotcha Day

by Kecia Cox
Six years ago today, after 4.5 years of being alone, inside orphanage walls and within orphanage gates, Mia took hold of two nearly strangers hands and with perfect trust she walked away from all she had ever known. She didn’t speak our language, she didn’t understand what was really happening, she didn’t know where we were taking her or what she would find there, but she felt love for the first time and knew there must be something more.

6 years ago today Mia’s life began…

She walked out of the orphanage gates for good And for the first time ever she was completely free. “Gotcha Day” will always be a sweet, sacred day, full of emotions and feelings that are almost impossible to put into words. Her Gotcha Day videos do it pretty well though. (The link takes you to Mia’s blog where you can watch the two full videos) Her first moments outside the orphanage walls will forever be some of our favorite and most cherished memories. It really is all worth it. All the hard days, the added responsibility, the change of dynamics to a family , is all worth it because it changed her world forever. And she has changed ours. And nothing else compares to holding a child’s hand as they walk out of darkness and into the light. If you have any inkling to adopt, do it. Someone out there needs you ❤️
Mia’s Blog ‘Gotcha Day