CARA and WANIYA for the Grandt family — OR

Michael and Elizabeth are eagerly waiting to bring Cara home! Michael comes from a family of 14 siblings, and has always wanted a house full of children. Together, Michael and Elizabeth now have 8 children. They both serve at their local church, where Michael helps lead worship. Theirs is a house full of music and worship. Elizabeth is a full time mother, and home-schools their children on their small farm in Oregon. She has had a longstanding desire and call on her life to adopt a child with special needs, and has been patiently waiting for the time God would open that door in her life. Several months ago, the Lord began leading Michael and Elizabeth down a meandering path to prepare for adoption. Doors seemed to open and close, but each bend in the road only reinforced their confidence that God was leading them. They began a homestudy to prepare for a child they had not found yet.

Finally, when they saw Cara’s profile on Reese’s Rainbow, they both fell in love. They found the little girl who had been waiting for them! Cara is an amazing, shining little girl from eastern Europe. Michael, Elizabeth and all of their children are excitedly and impatiently waiting to bring Cara home. Their home is overflowing with love and affection for this little girl. Please, won’t you consider investing in making this family whole?

2/12/2018 — TRAVELING NOW
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Cara has received a $1187.10 Waiting Child Grant.