ADELAIDE and GERTIE for the Speck family — KS

 photo fwbutton150.pngThe Speck family — Adam, Tiffany, Elijah, Avelyn, Malachai, Brynley, and Truenne — are excited to be adding to their family again, this time through adoption. While Adam and Tiffany had briefly discussed adoption when they were first married 16 years ago, the arrival of 5 biological children in a few short years and the busy life that results from a home blessed with many children, caused the idea of adopting to fall out of sight. God clearly had other plans however, and brought the idea of adopting suddenly back into the forefront of their minds this past spring, when a friend unexpectedly introduced them to Reece’s Rainbow. One beautiful child immediately caught Tiffany’s eye, and she and Adam began to pray and discuss the idea of adopting this child with special needs.

Over the following several weeks, the more they prayed and discussed adopting, the more God confirmed that this plan was from Him– through an unexpected sermon series (about adoption and foster care) at their church, random interactions with strangers who spontaneously shared adoption or foster stories of their own on an almost daily basis, and devotional topics discussing our own adoption into God’s family through salvation. After several months of praying to confirm that this idea of adoption was truly from the Lord and for this time, the Specks contacted Reece’s Rainbow to make a commitment to the little girl who had initially grabbed at their hearts, only to find another family had recently committed to her adoption. For several weeks after this, Adam and Tiffany wrestled through what felt like a loss to them, and realized fully that God was truly laying adoption on their hearts for their family.

It is with great excitement that they are able to announce that they will be welcoming Adelaide into their family! They are also currently trying to raise additional funds to be able to commit to a second daughter, and appreciate your prayers and any financial support to help them bring home Adelaide as soon as possible, and to be able to fully commit to this additional beautiful daughter.

UPDATE:  The Speck family will also be bringing home Gertie!


$5,050.03 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Adelaide has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.
Gertie has received a $2,682.86 Older Child Grant.