A mama for EDWIN

 photo fwbutton150.pngKrista has worked in private (domestic and international) adoptions as well as Social Service adoptions for her entire 15 year career. Krista is an only parent to an 8 year old son who has always wanted a little brother. They have often discussed expanding their family through adoption, however were looking at options through the foster care system; but the doors were always closing. On June 30, 2016 Krista was looking through Reece’s Rainbow photo listing and saw her son! He is a beautiful little boy, with Spina Bifida.  She was shocked and surprised and after wrestling with it for a few days decided to bury it deep and write it off as a “crazy thought.” However, she could not stop thinking about those big brown eyes and dreamed about bringing him home. After almost three months she was completely broken and realized that she was not just imagining a fairy tale. She was hearing the Lord speak to her that this was her son! She needed to put her worries away and fully rely on God.

All the worries and anxieties:  How would she pay for this as on a single income? What will her family think? Will her coworkers be angry that she is not adopting from the system she works for? How will she meet the needs of this special little boy who deserves so much?   After thinking and obsessing about these questions over and over for days, into the wee hours of the morning, she finally realized that NONE of that is up to her! There was absolutely nothing she could do to control those things, but needed to be obedient. The only way that any of this would happen was in her absolute surrender and faith that God would provide. She keeps going back to II Corinthians 12:9: in my weakness His power is made perfect; His grace is sufficient. Krista is working on putting her worries away and fully relying on God to make this precious little boy her son!

Follow the family’s journey on their blog:  redeeminggracethroughadoption.blogspot.com

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