jensenkids-2014blake-sergey-baseball*** Effective May 6, 2016, our Older Child Grant Policy changed ***

After careful consideration, the RR Board of Directors has unanimously voted to modify our Older Child Grants to a pooled program instead of individual child grants.  Nearly $750,000 is currently being held in waiting child funds, much of it with children who’ve been listed with us for years and have still not been chosen for adoption. We have listened to your comments & suggestions.   A pooled system will open up these funds to give all of the children a better chance to find families faster.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: (please read carefully before contacting us with further questions)

  1. There will be two grant pools, one for children with Down syndrome and one for Other Angels (children with other special needs).
  2. These pools will include the existing funds already held by those particular children.  ($498k for Down syndrome & $239k for Other Angels.)  Boys & girls will have combined eligibility after the transition.
  3. Starting May 6, each older child will be eligible for a $10,000 waiting child grant **UPDATED Jan 2019 to be a $5,000 Grant**
  4. ONLY CHILDREN LISTED WITH RR are eligible for these grant funds.
  5. As 9 year olds “roll over”, their funds will go into the general grant pool for their category.
  6. Sibling groups with at least one child aged 10 or older will be eligible for these grant funds.
  7. Older children from Bulgaria will now be eligible for waiting child pool grant funding!
  8. Once a complete FSP app is received & profile posted, we will allocate the funds in the child’s name.   Funds will be shown on the child’s individual profile on MFFM (My Family Found Me).
  9. A current running total of available funds for each grant pool will be listed at the top of category pages for full transparency.
  10. Donors can (and should!) still give to keep these grant pools adequately funded!  Donation buttons will also be at the top of each page for easy giving.  Checks still welcome!
  11. Donations will still be 90/10 to waiting child and Voice of Hope.
  12. We need Older Child WARRIORS!  It’s crucial to keep these kids visible!  Our job as a community is to find adoptive families for them as quickly as possible.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions & questions on this policy change.  Please contact us!